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There are many reasons one might be looking to find a mechanic they can trust their car with, but how to find one? In this post by Huff Oil Group in Fayetteville, we’ll go over some tips and suggestions on finding one. 

Ask a Trusted Relative or Friend

A sure way to find a mechanic that you can trust is by asking friends and family about mechanics they’ve had good experiences with. Often, people you know will have the best information on people they know who have done a good job in the past. The best bet, though, is to ask someone you know has a car similar to yours, that way, you know that the mechanic they suggest will probably know how to work on your vehicle.

Look at Online Reviews

A second step would be to look up mechanics online. Reviews are always helpful to help you pinpoint businesses and people who provide quality service to their customers. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are excellent places to look at reviews and decide on a good mechanic. Double-check your friend’s or family’s recommendations with review pages to have a broader picture of the services the mechanic has provided, that way, you’ll feel more confident in taking your car in.

It can take some time to find a mechanic you can trust, but in the meanwhile, don’t leave your car without maintenance. Ask the oil experts at Huff Oil Group about the products you should use for your engine. Call them at (978) 259-5463 with your questions, or visit their online shop to place an order 24/7.

Look for a Certified Mechanic

Another way to find a mechanic would be to look for a certified mechanic. Mechanics can be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or ASE for short by going through a rigorous certification process. This process is only available for mechanics working in a garage for at least two years. The certification has to be renewed every five years to ensure that mechanics are up to date on best practices. There are other types of certifications that mechanics can train for, which specific manufacturers give out. These certify that the mechanic is up to date on engine diagnostics, testing procedures, and diagnostic methods the manufacturer prefers. Choosing a mechanic specializing in your car’s make ensures that they are updated to your manufacturer’s specifications.

Don’t rush to find a mechanic, it’s always best to do your research before deciding. If you’re looking to do more minor repairs on your car yourself, choose the best products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil. The experts at Huff Oil Group can answer your question today at (978) 259-5463, or you can place an order anytime in their online shop today!

Base Your Search on Your Car’s Needs

The kind of service your car needs can also help you narrow down your search. Your car might need different types of services, like getting an oil change, having its tires checked, or needing a major service. Some garages don’t offer full service, so it’s essential to consider this when looking for a mechanic. Finding a mechanic specializing in your car’s specific needs will make it easier to narrow down where to take your vehicle. One way to find this is to type in Google the type of service your car needs and the words “near me” or your location, for example, “oil change in Fayetteville, NC” to find a mechanic that works in your area.

Listen to Your Gut

The last suggestion is to trust your gut. What does this mean? Sometimes we visit places that don’t give us the greatest feeling. Sometimes it might be something we notice, like the garage not calling you back when they said they would or mechanics too eager to start work on your car without presenting a quote. Other instances might be less apparent, and sometimes it might be something that we don’t notice consciously, but it presents as a feeling that something just isn’t right. Pay attention to how people treat you when you walk in if they’re professional in the way they address you, if the quote for your service is offered upfront, and if the shop looks organized and clean. It might sound silly to focus on these things, but it can make a big difference in the garage’s professionalism.

Maintaining your car in-between visits is as vital as its regular maintenance. Call the oil experts at Huff Oil Group at (978) 259-5463 for more information on the best products for your engine, or visit their online store for the full range of products.


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