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Your car functions thanks to the joint effort of various systems. All of these systems have different lubrication needs. Here you’ll find a guide to the fluids your vehicle needs in order to move.

All Systems Have Different Lubrication Needs

It would be so easy to pick a single oil or grease to lubricate all of your car’s systems. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Every system in your vehicle works hard to keep you safe on the road. Since their jobs are different, they need different lubricants. Huff Oil Group brings you a short list of the fluids that not only make your car work, but also keep it healthy.

7 Fluids That Your Car Should Never Go Without

  1. Fuel: What makes your car move? Fuel. Without fuel your vehicle would just be a pretty object with four wheels. Constantly running low on gas can result in costly damages. You should always try to keep your fuel above half a tank.
  2. Synthetic motor oil: When you think about car lubrication, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Motor oil, of course! Without motor oil, your engine would overheat, seize up, and leave your car basically useless. Oil moves all around the engine lubricating all of its pieces, reducing friction, and collecting various pollutants. Motor oil also plays a significant role in regulating the engine’s temperature. You should change your oil around every 3,000 miles, or you can get a synthetic oil change instead and prolong your oil change intervals. Besides, synthetic oil is even better for your engine than conventional oil. Try AMSOIL’s XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil to have functioning oil for a longer time. Don’t neglect your oil filter. You need to change it every time you replace your oil as well. Get your supplies in Fayetteville by calling Huff Oil Group at (910) 988-9328 and placing your order or by visiting their online store.
  3. Brake fluid: The brake system is a hydraulic system, which means it needs air to function. As you step on the pedal, a plunger pushes the brake fluid through some tubes, making the brake pads clamp on the rotors and the car to come to a halt. If there wasn't enough brake fluid, there wouldn’t be enough air pressure to stop your vehicle. You'll be able to tell your fluid is running low if the pedal feels spongier when your press it.
  4. Power steering fluid: Just like the brake system, the power steering system uses hydraulics to function. It requires air pressure and power steering fluid to do its job. You should check the state of this fluid once a month as there is no specific timeframe to change it. If you notice you can’t steer as easily or your tires make screeching and whining noises when you turn them, it might be because you need to refill your power steering fluid.
  5. Transmission fluid: The transmission fluid and motor oil do pretty much the same thing except that one is meant for the transmission and the other for the engine. An adequately lubricated transmission allows you to switch gears seamlessly. You should change it around every 60,000 miles unless there’s a reddish fluid gushing out of your car. This may mean there’s a leak that need to be addressed. Also, you’ll notice that the transmission fluid is low if you have trouble shifting gears.
  6. Coolant: The thing that keeps your engine from overheating while it runs at extreme temperatures (other than synthetic oil) is the coolant. The coolant or antifreeze moves through the engine absorbing the excess heat and then takes it back to the radiator. The coolant should be replaced every 30,000 miles or so in order to keep your car in top shape.
  7. Windshield wiper fluid: This fluid might not make a difference in your vehicle’s performance, but it does change the way you can maneuver your car. Clean windows help your visibility and safety while driving. In a pinch, you can use water to wash your windows, but the windshield wiper fluid has special chemicals that make removing gunk and other contaminants from your windscreen much easier.

AMSOIL Has What You Need to Keep Your Car Lubricated in Fayetteville

Everything you need to meet your vehicle’s lubrication needs can be found in a single place: AMSOIL’s online store. They have synthetic oil, oil filters, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, and synthetic greases. Check out their online store for these products or call Huff Oil Group at (910) 988-9328 to get some lubrication advice and place your order.

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