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Buying your first motorcycle can be exciting, but it’s also a significant investment. In this post by Huff Oil Group in Fayetteville, NC, we’ll go over some tips on making sure your investment pays off in the long run.

What Type of Motorcycle Should You Buy?

The first step in buying a motorcycle is knowing what type of motorcycle you would like to purchase. There are many types of motorcycles on the market, but choosing the right one for you will significantly depend on your riding abilities as well as the scenarios where you’ll be riding it. For example, some motorcycles are best for road trips as they are bigger and more comfortable, while others are meant to be ridden on city streets. Before purchasing, take your time and research to ensure that the bike you choose will give you what you need.

The best way to care for your first motorcycle is to have a trusted maintenance routine. Find the best products for it at Huff Oil Group by calling them at (910) 988-9328, and one of their oil pros will help you out. Once you’re ready to place an order, visit their online shop to see their full range of products.

Start With a Reasonable Power

It might be your dream to zoom at top speed on a motorcycle, but it’s important to remember that riding a bike takes skill, and it can only be mastered with hundreds of hours of riding. That’s why when buying your first motorcycle; it’s essential to consider the amount of power your bike is capable of. Experts suggest that bikes for beginner riders should have less power while learning to ensure they’re safe. The goal of having your first motorcycle should be to hone your riding skills and get used to maneuvering it on the road. Once you feel comfortable with your starter bike, you’ll be able to get a much more powerful motorcycle to fullfill your zooming dreams.

Go for Test Drives

When choosing a motorcycle, it’s also essential to go on test drives. You might like how a bike looks, but most importantly, you should like how it feels while riding. Comfort is a crucial aspect of being safe on the road as it’s not as easy to adjust your comfort levels as it would be inside of a car. For example, riding a cruiser bike is much different than riding on a sports bike, as the former requires you to hold your arms up to hold on to the handlebars, and the latter will require you to lean forward while riding. Trying out bike models is the best way to gauge your comfort levels and help you make an informed decision.

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Consider a Lighter Bike

Another vital thing to consider when buying a bike is going for a lighter model. The weight of your motorcycle will directly affect how challenging it will be to handle it. Choosing a heavier bike will be harder to manage, especially if you don’t have much riding experience. Also, consider that you’ll eventually need to pick it up if you drop it or it falls over while parked, so think about how heavy a bike you can manage.

Used or New?

Choosing between a brand new motorcycle or a lightly used model is another critical decision. A used motorcycle can be an excellent option not to spend too much money while sharpening your skills. A new rider can struggle with things like keeping their bike off the ground which could cause scratches and dents on your motorcycle. A wiser investment is to get a bike that can withstand a beating, and once your skillset is better, you can invest in a brand new model.

Get the Right Riding Gear

Lastly, getting the right gear is essential if you want to ride your motorcycle safely. The basics are:
  • A DOT-certified motorcycle helmet.
  • A motorcycle jacket to protect you from the weather.
  • Long pants to protect your legs.
  • Riding boots to protect your feet from the motorcycle heat.
  • Gloves for better grip and to protect your hands.
It might sound like a lot of gear, but think that this gear is your only protection between you the road, so it’s essential to make sure you always have your equipment when riding.

Products like AMSOIL’s 10W-40 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil can help your motorcycle perform at its best for longer. The experts at Huff Oil Group can advise you on the best products for your bike. Give them a call at (910) 988-9328 or visit their online shop today!


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