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Checking on your car's fluids is a vital task that can help you ensure everything is in good working order. If it sounds like a difficult task, rest assured knowing this is quite easy to do yourself.

Tips to Help You Check on Your Car's Fluids

When you hear oil change or brake fluid, you may already feel out of your element. As a car owner, however, these are things you should work to get comfortable with. To help you get more familiar with some of your car's most important fluids and to ensure you know how to check on them, use these tips from Huff Oil Group.

How to Check Your Motor Oil

Your car's motor oil plays a very important role in keeping your engine working at its best. Without oil, your car wouldn't get very far at all and oil that isn't in the best condition can leave your engine dirty and unprotected. Because of this, it's important that you take the time to check on it periodically. If this sounds like a task you're not prepared for, you have nothing to worry about since it's actually quite easy to do. To start, open the hood of your car and locate the oil dipstick. When you find it, pull it out, clean it off with a clean washcloth, and stick it back in the reservoir. Pull it out once more and this time take a look at the oil on it. The dipstick should have two markers. The space between these two markers indicates where your oil level should fall. If your oil falls below the bottom marker, you're running low and need to top it off before your engine suffers any damage. You may also need to investigate why you're running low. If your car is burning off its oil or if you have a leak, get this fixed as soon as possible to avoid further issues. Next, take a look at the condition of your oil. To do this, use your thumb and index finger to feel your oil. Your oil should be slightly translucent, a light shade, and slick. If it's thick, opaque, gritty, and smells burned, it's definitely time to change it. If your car is ready for an oil change, make it a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville. Use an oil like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil to keep your engine running at its best for longer. Contact Huff Oil Group at (978) 259-5463 to get the personalized service you need to find the perfect oil for your car's needs. You can also check out their online shop for even more great AMSOIL Oil products.

How to Check on Your Coolant

Your car's coolant has the task of keeping temperatures under the hood at a reasonable level and protecting your engine from overheating. This may not sound like a huge deal, but having enough coolant and coolant that is still able to do its job are definitely important for your car's wellbeing. To check on your coolant, you first want to be sure your engine is cool. This isn't a task to take on right after a long drive because your coolant will still be hot and it can actually cause serious burns on your skin. Once things are completely cool under the hood, locate the coolant reservoir. You can usually look at the reservoir and see that the coolant is at the proper level thanks to the indicator lines on the sides. If you can't quite tell from the outside, open this up carefully and take a look at the coolant inside. If you're running low, simply top it off using the same type coolant or coolant mix. You also want to check on the condition of your coolant. To do this, take a look at the color of this fluid. It's usually a bright green, yellow, or blue color depending on the type you use. If, however, your coolant is looking rusty, colorless, or it has things floating in it, it's definitely ready for a change. This usually requires a flush and replacement. Get this done as soon as you can to prevent engine issues.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Fayetteville This Summer

Keep your engine at its best this summer with the help of a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville. To find a great oil for your engine, contact the friendly oil pros at Huff Oil Group. Give them a call at (978) 259-5463 for the personalized service you need!

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