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There are driving myths for every season. Winter is not exempt. These are some stories you've probably heard about driving during the winter.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear About Driving in the Winter

We’ve already talked to you about preparing your car for the colder weather and how to stay safe while driving on winter roads, and there’s still so much left to say about winter driving. There are driving myths for just about any season. Summer myths are mostly concerning the heat. While winter myths, naturally focus on the cold. This article, Huff Oil Group has prepared for you, focuses on all those winter driving stories that you shouldn’t believe. Check it out so you can remain safe on the road this winter in Fayetteville.

Myth # 1: Your All-Wheel Drive is the Safest Option to Drive in the Snow

You need to be an expert driver to be able to steer an all-wheel-drive safely across the snow. Contrary to what you may believe, these cars aren’t the safer option. The added weight on 4x4s makes stopping more complicated when the roads are icy or snowed. If you’re an inexperienced diver, better focus on improving your winter driving techniques instead of looking for a more powerful vehicle. You need to accelerate and brake slowly and leave a big space between yourself and other cars.

Myth # 2: You Must Let Your Car Idle for a While Before Driving

Most myths have a basis on the truth. Before cars were computer controlled or fuel injected, warming the engine was necessary, but not anymore. There is no need for you to let your car idle for more than a minute, other than you wanting to step into a warm vehicle. Lubricants such as synthetic oil start flowing sooner than mineral oils in freezing temperature. So if you worry that your engine will be unprotected in the cold, get a synthetic oil change. Forget about your mineral oil. Synthetic oil is better at any season. You can try AMSOIL’s Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil next time you’re in the market for some new oil. Get it at their online store or by calling Huff Oil Group at (910) 988-9328. If you’re still worried about your oil not being ready for the drive, just drive slowly while your engine warms up.

Myth # 3: You Should Under-Inflate Your Tires During the Winter

Have you heard that you should under-inflate your tires during the winter to have a broader contact with the ground? Your tires will cover more ground, true, but they will not keep you safer. Under-inflated tires can unbalance your car when you make turns and reduce your grip on the road. Basically, they are dangerous. You should regularly check your tire pressure during the winter to make sure it’s set according to your owner’s manual. Consider that the cold temperatures also cause the pressure drop, which is why it’s essential that you check the pressure once a week. Learn more about tire pressure during the winter form Car Talk article.

Myth # 4: If You Live in the City, You Don’t Need Winter Tires

Streets in the city are often better plowed than roads in other regions, which is why they usually have less snow. It might seem unnecessary to invest in winter tires since there’s not a lot of snow or ice. However, winter tires are not exclusively designed for these conditions. They are created for cold temperatures in general.  They are meant to provide increased traction on wet pavement, slush, ice, and snow.

Myth #5: Turn Off the ABS While Driving This Winter

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t turn on the ABS on slippery winter roads because it will make it harder for you to break, but you should pay no mind to this myth. The ABS will increase your stopping distance, for sure, but it will also prevent your wheels from locking up and give you better control of your vehicle.

Myth # 6: Frozen Windshield? Pour Boiling Water Over it

It would be so easy just to save yourself the trouble of scraping the ice off by pouring boiling water on your windshield. Be prepared to lose your windshield if you do this. The extreme temperature change can shatter the glass. Sorry, it’s safer to stick to your trusty and safe ice scraper and maybe some de-icer spray.

Everything You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change in Fayetteville This Winter

Switch to synthetic oil this winter and start enjoying the many benefits it will provide to your vehicle. Everything you need for a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville can be found at AMSOIL’s online store. If you prefer, you can also call Huff Oil Group at (910) 988-9328 to place your order.  

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