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There are (2) ways to grow your AMSOIL business. First increase your share of the existing AMSOIL purchases in the market, second grow the market. This probably isn’t new to anyone that is involved in the business world. What I am hoping to shed some light on is, the number of AMSOIL Dealers who overlook one of our greater growth engine because they feel or perceive or believe that it is too difficult.

Many AMSOIL Dealers focus all of their efforts on selling products. The majority of AMSOIL Dealers who sell to retail or commercial businesses believe that they can best grow their business by selling more to these accounts or sell to more accounts. While this will grow sales, it may not be the only or fastest way to grow.

The issues are attrition, time and competition. Those factors will keep true exponential growth at bay and provide limited long term returns. Real growth engine for AMSOIL Dealers is expanding the market through sponsorship and training of new AMSOIL Dealers in ones downline.

Every time you sponsor a new AMSOIL Dealer you are creating the opportunity to grow your business through the power of duplication. How many times have you wished you could be at two places at the same time? Wouldn’t it also be nice to instantly gain unique experiences and business and educational knowledge that can help build your business? No matter what your business goals, they can be more easily achieved if you have a diverse team of people pursuing them versus just one.

The AMSOIL marketing plan also rewards sponsorship in several ways; qualification bonus (earn $10 per), retention bonus and duplication bonus earn $5 per). It also provides a measured system for financially incentivizing the sponsoring Dealer early; transitioning more to the new Dealer as they invest and perform. Lastly, Sponsoring provides a long term residual income that pays even when you are unable to work, and provides stability.

If you are serious about growing your business, you need to spend some of your efforts focusing on sponsoring quality people into your organization. Begin today by writing out your short and long term goals and the action steps needed to realize those goals.

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