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Before changing your car's fluids, it's important that you know how to properly dispose of the old fluids. If you've never done this before, use these tips from Huff Oil Group in Fayetteville to get it right.

Learn How to Correctly Dispose of Your Fluids

If you're changing your car's fluids at home, you may not be sure what you should do with its old fluids. Since these will contain toxins, it can be dangerous to throw them in your regular trash or pour them down the sink. In fact, doing this can be illegal because it can contribute to environmental contamination and even pose dangers to your health. To get rid of your old fluids safely, use these tips.

Keep your engine running strong with a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville. The friendly oil pros at Huff Oil Group can help you find a great oil for your car. To learn more, give them a call at (978) 259-5463 or stop by their online shop.

What to Do With Your Car's Old Fluids

The toxins in your car's fluids can make it tough to know how to dispose of them. These fluids can be highly flammable, poisonous, and generally detrimental to the environment. As a result, they won't be as easy to throw out as your regular household trash. Before you decide to dump them down the drain or in the sewer, keep in mind that this can lead to water contamination and fines from the city. To learn more about what to do with your used fluids, check out the information below.

How to Get Rid of Antifreeze

If you've learned to drain your car's antifreeze, this can save you a trip to the mechanic and some cash. However, it's important that you know what to do with the old fluid once it's out of your car. It's super important that you don't leave this lying around your garage in an open container and that you don't dump it out in the yard. Since your coolant can smell sweet, it can attract the attention of young children and animals, but its contents can actually be very poisonous. Keep it sealed in an airtight container to stay on the safe side. Once in a sealed container, you can oftentimes take it to a gas station where they will take it and recycle it. If you can't find a gas station around you to take it off your hands, your local hazardous waste center should be able to help you find a safe solution for recycling it.

How to Properly Dispose of Motor Oil

Oil changes are something your car will routinely need, so it makes sense to learn to do these on your own. As you drain your old oil, it's important that you catch it in a clean pan and then pour it into an empty, resealable container. Your local auto parts store should have some safe containers to store your old oil in and your local hazardous waste center may even have some free ones to encourage safe oil disposal. Be sure to only pour your old oil into the container so that it can be properly recycled wherever it is that it ends up. Some local auto parts store will have a recycling program, and they will even take your old oil filter as well. If not, call your waste management center to get instructions on what to do with the used oil.

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What to Do With Dirty Rags

Working on your car at home can lead to spills every once in a while. This means you might have some used rags soaked in different sorts of fluids. If they're piling up in your garage, this can be very dangerous since the fluids are all very flammable and can lead to a fire. It's also not a good idea to wash the rags out in your sinks since this can lead to water contamination. If you've considered throwing them out in your trash, this can also lead to contamination as well as landfill fires. Call your local waste management center to learn where and when you can drop these off for proper disposal.

To keep your engine in great shape, give it a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville. Find a great oil for your car by contacting the oil pros at Huff Oil Group. Call them at (978) 259-5463 to learn more or to place an order. You can also stop by their online shop to browse their full stock of quality AMSOIL Oil products.


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