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Filling up your tank can cost quite a bit. To avoid having to fill up constantly, learn how to save fuel while you drive.

Fuel Saving Tips

No one is a fan of spending their hard earned money on filling up their gas tank. While gas is needed to get around, the amount you spend on it may seem excessive. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and save some money at the pump. To start saving your fuel, check out the following tips.

Keep up With Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance isn't just about keeping your car looking nice, although it can help with that too. Keeping up with your car's maintenance needs will help it run more efficiently, meaning less strain and less wasted fuel. Maintenance doesn't just help in the present and can actually keep your car performing better for longer. This means fuel savings in the long run as well. Below are some maintenance tasks you should always keep up with.

Get a Tune Up

When was the last time your car got a tune up? If you can't remember, now is the perfect time to take it into the shop for one. Tune ups may sound like a luxury, but they shouldn't be considered one. During a tune up, your mechanic can identify little issues that may be negatively affecting your car, and in turn your fuel economy. This can lead to repairs and upgrades that will make your car more efficient. When your car is running more efficiently, this means there is less strain on your engine, leading to even better fuel efficiency.

Change Your Air Filter

If your air filter hasn't been changed in a long time, chances are it's quite dirty or even clogged. An air filter this dirty leads to added strain on your engine and to combustion that is less efficient. As you may have guessed, this can cause your fuel to be consumed much more quickly. For the best results, change your air filter every year. You may need to change it more often if you often drive through dusty roads and heavily polluted areas.

Use the Right Motor Oil

One of the most important things to keep in mind about your motor oil is that it needs to be changed regularly. Driving around with motor oil that is no longer good just won't do anything for your engine. Regular changes lead to a healthier, better protected engine that will perform at its best. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to use the correct grade oil for the best results. Finally, consider using a synthetic oil since these keep your engine better protected for longer. Using a synthetic oil will not only ensure that you oil lasts longer than a conventional oil, it can also help your fuel economy. If you're looking for the perfect products for a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville, contact Huff Oil Group at (910) 988-9328. They will be happy to recommend products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Change Your Driving Habits

No one likes to admit that they're a bad driver, but identifying your bad driving habits and changing them is a must if you want to conserve fuel. Below are some common bad driving habits you can change for better fuel economy.

Reduce the Weight You're Carrying

Carrying too much stuff in your car can really weigh your car down, causing it to burn fuel faster. If you've just gotten back from a trip, remove your roof rack as soon as possible in order to reduce weight and aerodynamic drag. The same goes for bicycle racks and any other heavy items you may be carrying around.

Stop Idling Your Engine

Idling your engine is an easy way to waste fuel while also increasing pollution issues. There's no need to sit around for five minutes waiting for your engine to warm up before driving away. At most, you should wait 10 seconds before driving away slowly. This will help your engine warm up faster while also not wasting gas.

A Word on Braking

Sudden braking, riding your brake, and accelerating and braking constantly can all lead to faster fuel consumption. Avoid using your brake so heavily by driving at a constant speed that is safe for the road you're on. Leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you. Ease into stops and accelerate slowly from a stop.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Fayetteville

Keep your car in top shape and get better gas mileage with a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville. Find all the best products for your next oil change by calling Huff Oil Group at (910) 988-9328. You can also browse their full range of AMSOIL Oil products in their online store.

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