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Making educated decisions regarding any subject will bring better results. The same goes for choosing your motor oil. Motor oil is essential for your vehicle’s function, so it’s obvious you would want the best quality product. You might’ve heard many things about oil: when it needs to be changed, what type your car needs, or even how getting a synthetic oil change is not what you should do. Many of these misconceptions can lead you to bad decisions. Huff Oil Group believes that their customers should know what they’re buying, whether it’s AMSOIL synthetic oil or conventional oil in Fayetteville, which is why they prepared this post to reveal the truth behind all those rumors regarding motor oil.

Oil Needs to Be Changed as Soon as It Turns Black

This is false. Imagine how much oil and waste you’ll be putting out in the environment if this was true. Oil is supposed turn dark, it means it’s trapping all the contaminants it should. Trust your mileage instead of the color when going for a synthetic oil change…or a conventional one too. Dark oil still works for a while.

The Filter Doesn’t Need to Be Replaced Along With the Oil

You can choose not to replace the filter when you go for an oil change, but it would just be counterproductive. The old filter would already be full of debris and little pieces of rust and trash. As soon as these come into contact with the new oil it would be contaminated. To be safe and prevent potentially hurting the engine, you should always change the oil filter and oil together.

When You Get New Oil, the “W” on the Package Means How Much It Weights

Oil viscosity changes with the temperature, so it would make sense to need different oil during winter and summer, especially in places where the climate changes dramatically. In this case, the “W” means winter and that’s how you would know the viscosity temperature rating. Just so you know, the lower the number, the more viscous the oil is.

When Your Vehicle Reaches 3,000 Miles You Need to Change the Oil

First off, every vehicle is different, which is why the manufacturer suggests when you should change the oil. This can depend on the model and brand of your vehicle among other factors. Some  manufacturers will recommend that the oil change intervals be every 3,000 miles and some go up to 7,000 miles. Nowadays, some cars have an engine oil life monitor that lets you know how your oil is doing and if you need to change it. If your vehicle doesn’t have that, your trusty owner’s manual is all you need.

Once You Start Using Synthetic Oil, You Can’t Go Back

Perhaps it will be your choice to never go back to conventional oil after you get a synthetic oil change simply because you will notice its superior quality.  Synthetic oil is better at cleansing and resisting extreme temperatures. There is no reason why you can’t switch back and forth between conventional and synthetic oil, as long as you are sure that the motor oil’s viscosity meets the requirements stated in your owner’s manual. Synthetic oil lasts even longer than conventional oil and it’s definitely a smart investment. If you are interested in getting a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville while using the best products in the market, Huff Oil Group can help you out. They are experts in AMSOIL synthetic oil, the best choice for your vehicle. They will be glad to help you out. Simply give them a call at: (910) 988-9328, you’ll be happy you did.

Synthetic Oil Will Make My Car Leak

It’s not like synthetic oil has little knives that would cut through your engine and cause your car to leak. Synthetic oil goes to a much stricter refinement process than conventional oil. Its molecules are much smaller and similarly shaped which allows them to slip much more easily through cracks than conventional oil would. If there is a leak, it was there already, you just hadn’t noticed it before. Synthetic oil won’t cause new leaks, but it will probably find existing ones.

Synthetic Oil is Not Worth the Higher Price

You’re probably against getting a synthetic oil change because it has a higher price than conventional oil does. However, the price is worth it. Synthetic oil does a better job at regulating harsh temperatures and it can go through longer oil change intervals. It is a bigger first investment, but it will be much more beneficial as time goes by.

For a Superior Quality Synthetic Oil Change in Fayetteville

Huff Oil Group has your back with all your AMSOIL automotive needs in Fayetteville. If you are considering getting a synthetic oil change any time soon, call them at (910) 988-9328. They will help you decide which product is right for you.

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