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Your car runs on fluids and because of that, they should remain inside your car doing their appointed jobs. Unfortunately, many times in life, your car starts leaking. There is no need to panic, Huff Oil Group brings you this guide to leaking fluids and what they mean for your car in Raleigh. Before you hurry off to have your car fixed, read the guide. Perhaps the leaking is simply water.

Identifying Leaks in Your Car in Raleigh

It Looks Like Water

If it looks like water, It probably is water, so it’s nothing to be concerned about. In order for your air conditioner to work, it must take in air from the outside. Once the air is brought in, the AC sucks out all the humidity, condensing the water. This water is drained through hoses underneath your car. Have you noticed that there’s more water leaking during very hot and humid days? If you want to avoid this, try turning on the re-circulation switch. Your can won’t suck in more humid air and it will cool your car faster.

 If It Looks Like a Rainbow

Coolant is the easiest leaking fluid you can identify in your car. It usually is really colorful, wither  pink, green, or yellow, and kind of slimy. It also has a sweet smell. Cars used to have hoses under the car that emptied the coolant, but more recent models don’t. Modern cars have a recovery reservoir where the coolant goes to cool down. In fact, these more recent models have no reason to leak at all. If they do, it’s very likely that there is something wrong with the radiator, the water pump, or hoses. These are all items that should be carefully inspected to stop the leak.

 If It Looks Amber or Black

If your car is leaking a dark fluid, it's most likely the engine oil. If you need a reminder of why oil matters, it basically keeps your engine in action. The oil color varies depending on how old it is. Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it’s not working anymore. Motor oil is the fluid that most commonly leaks. It’s normal to see a little dripping, but if you see a lot of it leaking, it could be a problem. Sometimes the seals and gaskets loosen up because of all the heat produced by the engine. If you think you are losing too much oil, it’s time to take your car to the mechanic for a check up and a synthetic oil change. Remember that a synthetic oil change is very necessary when you are running low on oil. If his happens, your engine can overheat and leave you stranded, and nobody wants that. For synthetic oil, try AMSOIL synthetic oil in Raleigh. Huff Oil Group is an AMSOIL synthetic oil dealer that can help you find the products you need. Give them a call at (910) 988-9328 to get your AMSOIL automotive products for your next synthetic oil change.

If It Looks Yellowish

If you find a yellowish colored fluid that feels slightly oily, it's most likely your brake fluid. If it is leaking, you will see it under the pedal area. The best thing you can do is hurry and get your car to a mechanic. If you have to, get your car towed since you can’t really operate your car without brakes. A hydraulic pressure system is what makes your brakes work. The brake fluid helps keep the pressure, but if the pressure were to drop your brakes would probably fail.

If It Looks Reddish

The automatic transmission fluid looks light red when it’s brand new and it turns a darker red or brown color as it grows older. Its job is to lubricate the car’s transmission so it can shift gears smoothly. It also cools down the transmission. If there wasn’t any transmission fluid, your transmission might grind or burn and eventually die. It would be very costly to get it fixed. A transmission fluid leak would be found close to the transmission filler tube or between the transmission and the engine near the middle or front of the car.

If It Looks Reddish to Light Brown

While it may be the same color as the transmission fluid, the power steering fluid doesn’t do the same job. It helps you turn the steering wheel without having to put a lot muscle into it. If you notice your car has been a tad more difficult to steer or there is a stain underneath the steering wheel area, there might be a leak.

For An AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Change in Raleigh

By now you should know the importance of the fluids in your vehicle. One of these very important fluids is motor oil, so next time you are planning on getting new oil, go for an AMSOIL synthetic oil change. Huff Oil Group has everything you need to make the change. Call them at (910) 988-9328 to know more about synthetic oil or visit their online store to purchase what you need for a synthetic oil change in Raleigh.

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