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Overheating engines are not uncommon during the summer. There are plenty of reasons why an engine can overheat. You can learn a few of them and how you can solve the issue in this post.

Reasons Why Your Engine Can Overheat

When your engine overheats you usually think the weather is to blame, and...
There are always different opinions about auto care, many of them can actually be harmful. Here are few of the most common misconceptions about auto care during the summertime. The summer heat can wreck serious havoc on your car. It affects everything from your gas consumption, your oil needs,...
There are many ways you can get more out of your fuel. Getting frequent synthetic oil changes and following these tips will help your piggy bank.

Reducing Your Fuel Expenses in Fayetteville, NC

Looking for the cheapest gas station and using gasoline additives is not enough to help you save fuel....
Racing oil and street oil both are meant to lubricate, but you can't change one for the other. Both oils are different so it would be a good idea for you to learn about those differences before your next synthetic oil change.

Synthetic Racing Oil or Synthetic Street Car Oil, Which Should You...

Did you know that using synthetic oil can help your wallet? Find out the ways in which getting a synthetic oil change can help you save money. Even better, become an AMSOIL dealer and make some extra cash.

Saving Money Using Synthetic Oil in Fayetteville

Everyone wants to save a little money, and...
When you take your car for its scheduled service you get asked if you prefer synthetic or conventional oil. Your go to answer is most likely conventional, unless your owner’s manual suggests using synthetic oil. Why spend extra money if both oils do the same job at lubricating? Synthetic and...
Each year we make a list of New Year’s resolutions, it probably includes: working on your body, eating cleaner, being more positive, getting a new job, or traveling somewhere unknown. This year, don’t make all your resolutions about yourself, instead, resolve to do something nice for your car....

Synthetic oil is nothing new, nor is the controversy about whether synthetic oil is better than mineral oil. The development of synthetic oils, derived from silicones and polyolefins, occurred in the United States in the early 1930s. Germany evolved the synthetic oil technology during WWII due to...
Cars are not cheap, nor are they disposable. Some might last longer than others without failing or needing constant repairs, it all depends on the care they receive. Yes, the type and brand of the car matter when it comes to longevity, but so do your driving habits and care. Huff Oil Group brings...
Your car runs on fluids and because of that, they should remain inside your car doing their appointed jobs. Unfortunately, many times in life, your car starts leaking. There is no need to panic, Huff Oil Group brings you this guide to leaking fluids and what they mean for your car in Raleigh....

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