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Taking your ATV for a ride may sound pretty routine, but it's still crucial that you learn how to stay safe on the trail. Check out these safety tips from Huff Oil Group in Fayetteville to ensure you stay out of danger.

Safety Tips for All ATV Riders

Riding your ATV can be very fun, but you must remember that it isn't a toy. Before you head out on the trail with your friends, take the time to review these critical ATV safety tips.

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Get Your Gear Together

Before you head out on the trail, be sure you're dressed for the occasion. Wearing the proper gear can make all the difference in keeping you safe no matter the conditions. Start by wearing a helmet to keep your head protected in case of an accident. A DOT-certified helmet is strongly recommended as these are reliable and will be able to keep you safe. Be sure to invest in your own because the better it fits, the more comfortable and effective it will be. You should also wear long pants and a long sleeve top. These will keep your skin out of the sun, preventing sunburn and dehydration. Gloves will also keep your hands out of the sun while helping you grip your handles even better. Goggles are a must because of the dust and dirt on the trail. These, along with other debris, can get in your eyes, making it harder to see the path ahead of you. Goggles will keep this all out of your eyes, so you have an easier time staying focused on the road.

Don't Get off the Trail

Your safest bet is to ride on designated ATV trails. These will be just right for your ride and will help you avoid unexpected traffic that can be dangerous. To avoid unnecessary danger, stay on the trail. It's also a good idea to stay off of paved roads since your ATV isn't meant for this sort of riding. Paved roads can lead to wear and tear, not to mention they can be more dangerous. Drivers may not be expecting you, leaving both of you in danger.

Know the Age Requirements

Children may be eager to jump on their own ATV, but they must learn this isn't a toy. ATVs can be hazardous, so they should take these vehicles more seriously. For starters, check what the riding laws are in your area, so you're sure your child is legally allowed to do so. If they are, ensure they are using an ATV that is the right size and power for them. They should be able to control it comfortably to reduce the possibility of an accident.

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Don't Drink and Ride

Just like drinking and driving is illegal, so is drinking and riding. This can be just as dangerous, if not more. Since you have less protection on an ATV, you can be exposed to more danger. Avoid any substances that can impair your judgment and make you sluggish, such as alcohol, drugs, and medications. Stay hydrated, and don't hit the trail if you're sleepy. These two factors can impair your judgment as much as alcohol and shouldn't be brushed off.

Avoid Showing Off

If you're out with your friends, you may be tempted to horse around as you have a good time. This can put you in unnecessary danger, so it's best to ride responsibly. Don't try to do impressive tricks that your ride isn't made for since this can lead to bodily harm and expensive damage to your ATV.

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