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If you're like most drivers, you probably haven't checked on your tires in a while. Many ignore their tires until something goes wrong. To stay on top of the condition of your tires, use these tips.

How to Know If Your Car Needs New Tires

For many drivers, checking on their tires seems like a near-impossible task. It may sound like something that only an expert is qualified to do, but this isn't quite true. In fact, there's no reason why you can't take care of simple maintenance task all on your own. To get it done and to learn what signs to look out for when deciding if you need new tires, use these tips.

Make Sure You Have Enough Tread Left

First up is ensuring your tires still have plenty of tread left on them to keep you safe. Most things you read will tell you that your tires should still have at least 1/16th of an inch in tread in order to be considered safe, but what does that even mean? Before you go looking for a ruler, there's an easier way to measure this. Instead of a ruler, look for a penny. Once you've dug a penny out of your pocket, choose a tire where you'll start. Next, stick the penny in between the grooves of the tire but make sure Lincoln goes in headfirst. Once the penny is all the way in, make note of how much of Lincoln's head is still visible. If the top of his head is visible, then it's time for new tires because your tread is too worn down. If most of his head is covered, you're good to go for now. Do this a few times in different areas of each tire since tread can sometimes wear down unevenly. If your tread is more worn in the middle of the tire, your tires may be overinflated. If the tread is more worn down on the insides, your alignment might be off.

Look out for Cracks

Before moving on to the next tire, take a closer look at the one you just checked. This time, however, take a close look at the sidewall. This term refers to the part of the tire that faces out but doesn't touch the asphalt. The sidewalls can show significant signs of wear over time, but you have to know what to look out for. As you inspect the sidewall, look out for cracks. These can sometimes be hard to see when they're small, so inspect closely. If you do notice cracks, your tires may be nearing their end. Large cracks can lead to blowouts, so don't ignore them and get your tires replaced as soon as you can. To keep your engine protected and in great shape for a long time, give it a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville. Click here to purchase AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, which can keep your car running at its best all year. You can find more great products like this by contacting the friendly oil pros at Huff Oil Group. Contact them at (978) 259-5463 or shop their full range of products in their online shop.

Check for Bulges

While you're checking the sidewalls, another thing to look out for is bulges or blisters on the sidewall. These air bubbles will often appear as a result of damage or impact. As they grow, they can become more and more dangerous for your car and your safety. If you've driven over a sharp object, through a large pothole at a high speed, or hit a curb while trying to park, check your tires for these bulges. Once the damage has been done, an air bubble can't be removed or repaired, so you'll need to get the damaged tires replaced as soon as you can. Keep in mind that these often mean there's structural damage inside the tire, so they aren't anything to ignore. If a bulge does go ignored, there's no telling when this can lead to a tire blowout. Not only is this scary, but a blowout can put you in danger while out on the road. As soon as you notice this type of damage, head to your tire shop to get replacements.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Fayetteville

If you're worried about keeping your engine running strong, a synthetic oil change in Fayetteville can help. Using synthetic oil can keep your engine protected better and for longer than conventional oil. To find the perfect oil for your car, contact the oil pros at Huff Oil Group. Reach them at (978) 259-5463 for more information.

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