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When you take your car for its scheduled service you get asked if you prefer synthetic or conventional oil. Your go to answer is most likely conventional, unless your owner’s manual suggests using synthetic oil. Why spend extra money if both oils do the same job at lubricating? Synthetic and conventional oil don’t do the same job, they’re quite different in fact. Huff Oil Group brings you this guide to help you know more about the differences between the oils so you can make a more informed decision next time you get asked: “synthetic or regular?”

How Are the Oils Made?

Conventional oils come from a crude oil base, they go through a distillation process and then through further refining. In the refinement process elements like sulfur, wax, paraffin, and tar are removed. Unfortunately, not all of the elements can be removed and some of them are left in the mix and they can later promote sludge buildup. Chemical additives are mixed in to help improve the levels of heat tolerance, viscosity, and breakdown resistance. Synthetic oils come from the same crude oil base, but they undergo various chemical reactions and a much stricter refining process. All the additives and ingredients are combined to form uniform molecules to create a higher quality oil. The whole production of synthetic oil is overseen and controlled by oil engineers, scientists, and chemists. Synthetics can also be combined with additives to grant higher levels of lubrication, better cleansing qualities, higher tolerance to extreme temperatures, and all around better protection. If you’re interested in learning more about what goes into your motor oil, click here.

Synthetic vs Conventional Oil

Now that we’ve established how they’re different from creation, we can move on to the great debate of synthetic vs conventional oil. Here are some points that prove synthetic oil’s superiority over conventional oil. If you’re looking for the option with the lower price, disregarding the quality, then by all means conventional oil wins. Yes, there are some good options when it comes to conventional oils, but the results aren’t the same as with synthetics. Synthetics are pricier, but they end up giving you more for the value of your money. Since the oil change intervals with synthetic oil are less frequent, you’d be spending less money on oil changes. Synthetics can last from 10,000 up to 15,000 miles, depending on the synthetic you choose and your car’s model. The money you spend paying for several conventional oil changes can be saved by getting a single synthetic oil change. Start saving some money and get the best synthetic oil you can purchase, AMSOIL synthetic oil. You can call Huff Oil Group at (910) 988-9328 if you need help choosing the right product, or you can visit their online store and do it on your own. Modern day engines can go through many extreme conditions, even if they’re not used for racing. Obviously they need the best protection available to keep all those metal parts from grinding against each other.  Synthetic oil is especially developed to withstand these conditions. The evenly shaped molecules in synthetic, built in a lab, flow much smoother than the organic, unevenly shaped molecules that make up conventional oil. Synthetic lubricants start circulating almost as soon as the engine is started. Their friction reduction, engine cleaning, and protection starts much faster. Back to the subject of economy, synthetic oil can gradually help you reduce fuel expenses. How? Since the oil starts working almost as soon as you turn on the vehicle, the engine starts operating at top efficiency much sooner. This means it burns less oil and makes a smaller effort to function, which in turn burns less fuel. If you are a person that cares about the impact you make on the environment, the type of oil you choose can make a difference. Both, regular and synthetic oil, cause damage to the environment since they come from petroleum, no one can deny that. However, out of the two, synthetics are a little bit more eco-friendly. Not because of their ingredients, but because they last longer. Synthetic oils can last up to three times longer than conventional oils, meaning there’s less oil being disposed of per year. If you’re looking to reduce your car’s impact on the environment you might consider going for that synthetic oil change.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change and Start a New Business in Fayetteville

If you're convinced synthetic oil is the way to go, don't wait any longer to get your AMSOIL supplies for your next synthetic oil change. Call Huff Oil Group at (910) 988-9328 to get everything you need, and while you're at it ask them about becoming an AMSOIL dealer so you can be your own boss in Fayetteville.

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