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Are you unsure about investing in synthetic oil for your vehicle? Perhaps it's because you are only looking are the prices tag and you don't know the benefits of a synthetic oil change. Huff Oil Group wants you to know about them through this post. In no time you'll decide to get AMSOIL synthetic oil for your engine in Cumberland County.

You Can Go Longer Between Service Intervals

As you should know, and you can read it in your owner’s manual, you need to change your oil every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. It varies depending on your car model and how you use it. Now add up how much you spend with each conventional oil change. It’s a considerable amount, right? Synthetic oil, on the other hand, can last up 10,000 to 15,000 between change intervals. You will make a larger first investment, but ultimately getting an AMSOIL synthetic oil change will be cheaper.

Decreased Fuel Expenses

Engines need lubrication to function. Oil helps reduce the friction between the parts that make up the engine. You’ll notice that when you’re running low on oil your car will start burning off more gasoline, because it will be it will need to work harder to do its job. Getting a synthetic oil change will give the engine an even better friction and make work smoother using less energy and burning less fuel. It won’t be an immediate change, but you’ll find that with synthetic oil you will be spending less and less money filling up your gas tank.

Better Engine Performance

Since conventional oil is thicker it’s more likely to collect and develop buildup, which in turn makes the engine spend more energy to operate. Synthetic oil doesn’t create build up, giving your engine the necessary lubrication to perform the way it was meant to.

Say Goodbye to Sludge Buildup

As synthetic oil protects and lubricates your engine, it also prevents and eliminates the build of sludge and other tiny particles that many years of conventional oil have left behind. AMSOIL synthetic oil will keep those particle from adhering to the engine and affecting its function. All the while it will be eliminating that built up sludge that is reducing your fuel economy. Synthetic oil won’t breakdown, like conventional oil, and create build up that and travel to filter until finally it ends up clogging it. When you get a synthetic oil change, replace your filter as well. It wouldn’t make sense to have clean and fresh oil only to have it contaminate by the sludge building up in the old filter. Interested in going for an AMSOIL synthetic oil change yet? Huff Oil Group can supply you with the AMSOIL products you need in Cumberland County. Simply give them a call at: (910) 988-9328  and they help you out with that.

Resistance Against Extreme Temperatures

The great thing about synthetic oil is that it can resist extreme temperatures from freezing cold to blazing heat. Weather doesn’t affect synthetic oil, it provides engine protection every day of the year. During hot days, synthetic oil will help the engine cool down. In cold days it will react instantly, unlike conventional oil. Synthetic oil has a higher viscosity index, it remains the same as temperature change. You won’t have to worry about cold starts or overheating engines.

Evaporation Loss

Synthetic oil doesn’t lose its properties with the heat, meaning it will not evaporate. Instead it will last longer, as it should. Regular oil was not create to endure the conditions on which modern engines work with nowadays, so it’s easier for it to breakdown and evaporate. Synthetic oil was purified in a lab by chemists specifically for modern engines.

Synthetic Oil Options

Not every oil is created the same. If you are not sure that full synthetic oil is what your engine needs, you can always go for a synthetic mix. You'd still be getting some of the benefits of synthetic oil minus the high costs. However, for high performance vehicles it is recommended that synthetic oil is all they use.

Protecting the Environment

Not to say synthetic oil won’t contaminate the environment or magically fix the current situation, but it will leave a smaller impact the conventional oil does. How? You don’t need to replace it as often so there’s less product to dispose of, and that’s a little way to protect the planet.

Get Your Synthetic Oil Change in Cumberland County

Now that you know some of the benefits of getting a synthetic oil change, go ahead and make the switch. You should know that Huff Oil Group has all the necessary AMSOIL automotive products you can need for that synthetic oil change in Cumberland County. You can call them at: (910) 988-9328 to know more about their products and how you can get them.

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