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Most parents don't look forward to giving their child driving lessons as they prepare for their driving exam, but it must be done. To help you keep your cool, use these tips from Huff Oil Group.

Tips for Driving Lessons

Your teen has probably been dreaming about getting their driver's license for a long time, but this may not be as exciting for parents. Your teen will need your help when it comes to driving practice, so be sure you're ready to be their teacher. To keep your cool and help them get their license, check out these tips.

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Review the Car's Components

Before heading out on your first driving lesson, it's important to take some time to go over the different components your child will need to use. Reviewing them before you hit the road will make it easier for them since they won't panic while looking for something like the turn signal. You can sit in the car, identify all of the important items they will need, and teach them how to use them. Go over even the essential items, like the brake and the gas pedal. Teach them how to get into the right gear safely and how to apply the parking brake. Go over other necessary items, like the turn signals, emergency lights, headlights, windshield wipers, and the defroster.

Find a Good Practice Space

It can be stressful to practice on the open road during the first lesson. To keep your child calm and everyone safe, look for a large empty space where they can move around without feeling stressed or pressured. Look for something like a large parking lot that isn't used heavily. Drive there and then have your child switch into the driver's seat. Have them start with the basics, like accelerating slowly and braking. It may take a few tries for them to get used to the pedals' sensitivity, but once they master that, they'll start to feel more confident. Let them go at their own pace as they get comfortable with controlling the car. Once they're feeling more comfortable, have them practice coming to a smooth stop, parking, and going in reverse.

Don't Pressure Your Child

You may be tempted to have your child drive home after a successful practice session, but they may not be comfortable doing this yet. If they're ready to move on from an empty parking lot, move on to a residential street first. These roads have less traffic and a lower speed limit, which will ease your child into driving around others. This is also a great place to practice stopping at stop signs, staying at the speed limit, and parallel parking. They will also get more used to having other drivers around them, ensuring they check their mirrors often.

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Keep Your Cool

Taking your child out driving can be stressful for you and your child. Keep in mind that your child is probably feeling a lot of pressure and stress, so keeping your cool will help them stay calm. If you get angry or let your nerves show, this will only make them feel more nervous themselves. This can affect how they learn and the decisions they make on the road. To make the most of the situation, be helpful but not pushy. Ask them questions as reminders and stay alert with them.

Look for Driving Classes

If taking your child driving is too stressful for both of you, you're not alone. Many parents realize they aren't great driving instructors, and they'll pass this task on to a professional. If it's not working out for you and your child, look for a professional driving school in your area. Their teachers have tons of experience and will feel more comfortable helping your teen prepare for their driving test.

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