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For new motorcycle owners, it’s crucial to learn safety tips early on, so it becomes a habit once they have a few miles under their belt. In this post, we’ll touch on a few essential safety motorcycle tips. 

Safety Check Before Riding

Before leaving, it’s essential to do a quick check of your motorcycle to make sure everything is working in order. Remember that on a bike, you’re much more vulnerable than when in your car. A few things you should check before heading out are:
  • Tires: Ensure your tires are at the proper air pressure and that they’re in good condition. This includes making sure there are no punctures or bulges and check that the tread is deep enough to grip the road.
  • Breaks: Do a quick break and brake pad inspection to make sure everything is in working order.
  • Oil and Other Fluids: Make sure that your oil and other fluids such as coolant, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant are at the level indicated in your owner’s manual.
  • Lights and Electrics: As a safety precaution, always make sure your lights and electrics work as it can be dangerous to ride without lights in darker conditions.
As a note, many experienced riders chose to do these safety checks once a week when regularly using their bike and a more thorough inspection when going on the road for more extended periods.

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Put a Layer of Safety Between You and the Road

Protective clothing and gear are your first line of defense from debris and other things that can impede your safe driving. Protective gear can also save you from injury if you get into an accident. Here are a few pieces of gear you should consider when riding your bike:
  1. Helmet: Choose a helmet that fits correctly as it can reduce severe injuries in case of an accident. The Department of Transportation (DOT) suggests a full-faced helmet to protect your head and eyes. Also, the DOT issues a sticker to helmets that pass their safety measures.
  2. Eye Protection: If the helmet you choose doesn’t have a visor, it’s essential to consider purchasing eye protection like goggles or glasses to protect against debris and bugs on the road. Eye protection can prevent you from having eye irritation which can cause blurred vision, which could be a problem when riding your bike.
  3. Jacket, Pants, and Gloves: Protective gear like a jacket, pants, and gloves are essential to keeping you safe on the road. They can protect you from the weather, from debris on the road, and in case of an emergency, they can prevent abrasions or burns. A good option is a motorcycle jacket and pants that have padding to prevent injury.
  4. Boots: Wearing motorcycle boots while riding is a great way to protect your feet from the heat that your motorcycle emits, and they can also help reduce the feeling of vibrations coming from your bike. This will make your riding much more comfortable and enjoyable, improving your overall riding experience.

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Tips for Driving Safely

Riding a motorcycle has some challenges on the road that car drivers don’t have to worry about. Here are some things to keep in mind when doing so:
  • Driving defensively: Defensive driving is a set of techniques that you can apply to your driving to minimize danger on the road, including scanning to adapt to its conditions, knowing what your motorcycle’s stopping distance is, looking for environmental hazards, amongst other things.
  • Share the road: Your motorcycle is another vehicle on the road, and as such, you have the right to ride on the entire lane and not sharing it with another vehicle.
  • Weather conditions: Always consider weather conditions as you won’t have the cover of going inside a vehicle. At high speeds, heavy rain, hail, or wind can prevent you from riding safely.
  • Drive with all your senses: Finally, driving with all your senses is essential to being safe on your motorcycle. Things like drinking and riding or riding tired can impair your riding and impede you from staying mindful of your surroundings.

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